Cloudy Blend with the Blending Mitt

Do you struggle with creating a seamless, soft, blended finish?

In my last customer survey you told me that the number 1 thing you struggle with when it comes to chalk paint is BLENDING! 

In this quick video I want to show you a really easy way to blend chalk paint using my blending mitt. When you are blending chalk paint the trick is to use a water mister to keep the paint moving easily, keep taking off any excess paint from your brushes or the blending mitt and to use a light touch.

And two coats always look better than one!

The Blending Mitt is a really easy method for blending chalk paint colours together and I hope you find this video helpful.





Did you put a lot less paint on for your second coat? I’m thinking of taking your course, but I do live in the us so guess I’ll have to get up during the night! 😄

Laura Wheelock October 20, 2023

I love these videos Jane I always look forward to them thanks for sharing 💜

Elizabeth October 20, 2023

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