Painted Rust Technique

In this video I'm going to show you how to create an authentic looking rust finish on your home decor items using just chalk paint and texture medium. 

The key to creating a realistic faux rust finish is to start with the right mix of paint colours and I will show you how to mix up the perfect blend of colours to layer up a beautiful, grungy, painted rust patina.

Add in a little texture medium and voila you have realistic looking rust!

This chalk paint project is super easy and fun to do. As you watch the paint layers build up there is an exciting moment where it suddenly looks just like real rust.





Hi Jane,

A huge thank you for making these videos! They are very well made and clearly demonstrate and explain your techniques to give us new skills.

I’m definitely going to apply your techniques for the blending and wood finish for the future projects 🥰

I think I’ll be leaving huge hints to my family to get me your brush set and blending glove for my birthday 🎨

And looking forward to using your paint.

Take care,

Jacinta ⚘️

Jacinta October 20, 2023

The candle stick and frame look fantastic jane.. they look so rustic, and i can say how easy and how much fun. I had learning this technique at stockist day . The results are amazing.

Sylvia Mullan October 20, 2023

Loved watching the rust technique video.
Your tutorials make it look so follow.

Karen October 20, 2023

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