Paint is my absolute passion, my work, my hobby, a place to lose and find myself and a way to connect with others. Furniture painting or any kind of painting for that matter is definitely addictive and once I started I couldn't stop! 

Plain Jane is all about:


I think about paint all the time! I am truly passionate about painting and sharing my passion with other people.


My goal is to help you discover your creative side. Through Creativity I we can find the freedom to truly express ourselves. The Creative process is often more rewarding than the end result.


More than anything I want you to be unafraid to have a go. I hear people say to me all the time "I'm not creative" but then they surprise themselves. That really gives me a buzz!


Through sharing ideas we all grow. My greatest high is the energy that happens when a room full of people get creative together.


Autentico products are natural, environmentally friendly and very high quality. I want you to feel the pride of creating a beautiful finish with a beautiful paint!