Creating a Rustic, Textured Finish

There is something just so gorgeous about a beautifully aged rustic look. Maybe it is the feel that the antique pieces hold a story within them. Or maybe we just love the distressed farmhouse chic that has stayed popular for many years now. Either way; it is very possible to create a rustic textured finish and the process to create the distressed look is easier than you think!

In this 20 minute start to finish video I am going to share with you how easy it is to create an authentically aged paint finish using the Plain Jane Texture Medium. This is one of my absolute favourite ways to paint and I especially love bringing it all together with the Dark Brown Wax at the end.

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How to create a rustic, textured finish with chalk paint
Step 1: Prepare your piece. Use some white vinegar and water to clean the furniture before you paint it. Take off the handles and hardware. Set up a drop sheet - this will be messy!

Step 2: Paint a base coat of paint. I am using Plain Jane Paint in Mallow. Put the paint on fairly thickly with lots of brushmarks to help start the texture. I'll show you how to do this in the video.

Step 3: Prepare your textured paint. Pour some of your base paint into a separate container and slowly mix in an equal amount of Plain Jane Paints Texture Medium. Be sure to mix it really well and be careful not to breathe in any dust. You should be left with a smooth, thick paint that almost resembles a paste.

Step 4: Start building your textured paint up. Use a Stippling motion to apply the textured paint onto the furniture. Think about where you want the textured areas to be; for instance in the high-wear areas like a drawer front or corner. Build the texture up more in these areas. Be sure to watch this process in the video as there is a bit of a knack to planning how to apply the texture paint to furniture to create an authentic aged look.

Step 5: Once dry, apply 2 coats of your chosen colour. In this project I am using Plain Jane Paints Gumboots which is a gorgeous shade of deep green. Allow the paint to dry between each layer. Again there is no need to be really particular about a completely even coverage. We are not finished creating the rustic textured look yet and any small unpainted areas will add to the finished look.

Step 6: Sand your project. Check the video to see how this is done but basically, you are going to be sanding the tops of the textured peaks with 80 grit and then finish with 180 grit. You will start seeing that beautiful distressed look coming through now and I hope that you love it! Clean your piece well to remove all the dust.

Step 7: Seal the project with Plain Jane Paints Clear Furniture Wax. Apply with a soft cloth and watch the magic as the colour deepens and shines! Put all the hardware back on as to finish this distressed look you need to really see how the piece comes together.

Step 8: Finish the aged, textured look with a detailing brush and Plain Jane Paints Dark Furniture Wax. I'll show you in this video how to choose the places to highlight with the dark wax. Once applied gently wipe with a cloth to finish the look.

And you are done! See; creating an authentic distressed look is actually really simple and doesn't need any real precision. The result is stunning: a perfect feature piece.

I can't wait to see your finished pieces. Please tag me on Instagram if you share your work so I can come and celebrate with you.

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Your tutorial’s are easy to follow and the result is stunning.

Penny Smyth October 20, 2023

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