Aged Clay Painted Pots - Part 1 - Stone Finish

If you're anything like me you will have cupboards full of old pots and jugs that just look out dated and never get used! This is a beautiful way to modernise them and bring them out into use again. By layering up chalk paint and texture medium it's easy to achieve an authentic aged stone or clay finish. You'll be amazed at the transformation after a little bit of paint. The trick to creating the authentic finish is to use texture in your paint and to use anything other than a paint brush to apply it!

These pots look great in both modern and older interiors and will add beautiful character to your home.

In this 20 minute video I'm going to show you step by step how to create these stunning aged pots using Plain Jane Paints and Texture Medium. This is part 1 of the full project as I also created another pot with a rusty clay finish so look out for part 2 coming soon!

If you'd love to have a go at this project then you might like to try my project pack which contains everything you need to create your own chalk painted pots (and you save $$$)





Oh Thankyou ! How amazing with the blending! have had not much luck with the brush technique) 🙏

Carolyn October 20, 2023

Loved what you did thanks for sharing the pots looked amazing

Lina Brown October 20, 2023

Giving me ideas for plastic plant pots! Hading to your website to buy texture:)

Elise White October 20, 2023

Loved the tutorial. Thankyou for sharing.

Alexis Southern January 25, 2023

Thank you for sharing Jane – I always love seeing you teach!

Heike January 25, 2023

Hi. Hope you arr well. Am in South Africa, and we dont have texture paint in a powder form, please would you let me know were you buy it. Love your aged pots. Many thanks.

Carol Metcalfe January 25, 2023

Love your tutorials Jane, so informative and easy to watch. I could watch them all day 😊

Karen Basta January 25, 2023

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