Chalk Painted Glass Plates

You will be amazed at the transformation a little bit of chalk paint makes to these old glass plates! 

The colour really pops through the glass and turns these unwanted op shop finds into a stylish and unique piece of home decor. Join me for this short video where I'll show you from start to finish how I painted these plates and share all the tricks to painting onto glass with chalk paint.

In this project we will be painting on to the back of the plates so they are still usable for serving food and the colours really pop through the glass.

The key to painting glass with chalk paint is to wash the glass surface really well first to remove any grease that might repel the paint. And the most important thing is to let each coat of paint dry really well before the next. Cure time is key to the durability of the paint so give your project a good couple of days before using it.

I tried a few different chalk paint techniques to get some interesting paint finishes on these plates. Remember, you don't have to do the same design as me but I just wanted to inspire you to try some different ways of applying the paint to create a unique and beautiful finish.

You can seal your chalk painted plates with clear wax or a clear varnish. To clean them simply wipe down with soap and water.

Now enjoy impressing your guests with your unique and beautiful serving plates!!





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