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Pretty Pastels Mixer Kit


Mix up your very own pretty pastel shades! When you purchase a Pretty Pastel Mixer Kit we will send you the pure white base in Bright White in 500ml and 100ml of your chosen colour for you to create your very own beautiful pastels. We have selected the colours that we know work best and will produce the most beautiful pastel shades that you desire!

We recommend a ratio of 1 part colour to 6 parts white but you can make your colour as strong or as pale as you choose. Add your coloured paint gradually to the white base and mix straight into the tin to see the magic happen and the beautiful pastels appear!

If you want a stronger colour then simply keep on adding until you achieve that perfect shade. Have fun and don't forget to share your pastel projects with us!

The Pretty Pastels kit is available in a choice of Vintage, Versante Matt or Versante Eggshell

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