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Aged Chiffonier Online Tutorial


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Ready to take on a new project but need support in learning the technique and application needed to create beautiful pieces?

Join me for this 90-minute online tutorial and watch me paint this beautiful Chiffonier from start to finish. This is a great tutorial for beginners right through to advanced painters who are looking to learn some new tricks.

What to Expect
In this tutorial you will learn about the techniques that I use to achieve this aged finish and how to replicate these techniques yourself. So often, getting the technique right is the key to an end result that you are truly impressed with. Get the technique right and your painted projects will really look incredible.

In this tutorial we will also discuss the importance of properly preparing your projects before you start to ensure that you get the best result and get proper adhesion for durability.

As we are going through this Chiffonier tutorial, I will show you how I used the beautiful range of Autentico Vintage paints to achieve this classic, aged finish. The Autentico paints are so lovely to work with, you really see in this project that they are such a quality product.


The End Result
Painting this Chiffonier and creating the beautiful, aged finish was such a delightful project and the end result was just so worth it. It looks incredible in any room and adds a real feel of elegance. It is one of those pieces that I just love to admire.

In this painting tutorial not only will you learn some great techniques, but you will also feel inspired to go replicate a similar finish in your own projects. Whether you are restoring tables, drawers, cabinets or any other item your friends and family are sure to be impressed by your future projects!

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