Decoupage Chair Makeover

Vintage Chair Makeover with Autentico Paint

In this tutorial we are working with a really fun project - turning a plain old chair into a Vintage styled piece perfect as a feature piece in any room.

This chair was collected by a friend years ago as a roadside find and sat for years waiting for a project. It came to me a bit old and shabby which made it a perfect canvas for creativity! 

This project is all about mastering the technique of painting on fabric. This involves a bit of technique, the right materials and working with nice thin layers. I recommend using the Vintage range of paints if you are working with fabric as it is more pliable. We absolutely want to avoid a thick, crusty dried paint feel! For a good result you really want a paint with a nice absorbency that will lend itself to give and flex in the fabric. The Autentico Vintage range of paints are a chalk based paint which is ideal for this type of application.

I will also show you have I achieved a very realistic leather feel with the decoupage paper application. I am so thrilled with how this came out! It genuinely feels so much like leather!

I do recommend that you carefully protect any parts of your project that you do not want to paint as you will likely have some paint platter with this application. Using plastic wrap is a great option as it will accommodating odd shapes, offers good coverage and limits risk of damaging any aged timber finishes.

Project materials:


Let me know if you try this tutorial! I would love to see the finished pieces!

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