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Boho Brights Project Pack


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Get your blend on with our Boho Brights Project Pack! Read the instructions below to discover how you can create your own stunning boho transformation! 👩🏻‍🎨

The regular pack includes all the products you need for this fun project. 

1 x 150ml Jitterbug

1 x 150ml Verdigris

1 x 150ml Peppermint

1 x 150ml Jellybeans

1 x 150ml Rubber Duck

1 x 250ml Clear Wax

1 x 150ml Black Wax

The 500ml of paint in the Regular pack will cover approx. 6m2. 

To create this finish on larger projects you can select the Large or Extra Large sizes and we will substitute 100ml paints for 500ml.

Large - we will substitute 150ml for 500ml in Jitterbug and Peppermint

Extra Large - we will substitute 150ml for 500ml in Jitterbug, Peppermint and Verdigris

This is the opportunity to let go and have some fun with colour. I've listed the colours I used below but really anything goes in this situation! When painting like this there really are NO RULES and you can find as many ways to apply the paint as you like.

 ➡️ Paint 2 coats of Jitterbug all over the piece to create a solid base coat of colour. Allow to dry thoroughly and preferably for 24 hours.

 ➡️ Paint a coat of Peppermint and Verdigris all over the piece. Working in sections, apply random patches of each colour then blend them into each other by stippling over the join. Don't worry about having a perfect looking blend, this will not show after the next layers go on! Repeat with a second coat.

 ➡️ When the Peppermint/Verdigris coats have just dried take a soft cloth and a bowl of water. Use the wet cloth to rub away the Peppermint and Verdigris in certain areas and reveal the Jitterbug underneath. Because the Jitterbug has had longer to dry it will not rub off with the Peppermint. Turn and rinse your cloth so that you don't put the paint back onto the piece. Concentrate on areas that might naturally wear with time. Allow to dry.

 ➡️ Apply Jellybeans and Rubber Duck randomly with a spatula or trowel. Press the paint straight onto the piece then pull the spatula off rather than spreading it around. You can use a wet cloth to play around and remove or soften areas you don't like. Experiment with different ways of applying the paint. I like to use sponges, rags, scrunched up plastic bags, the list is endless. Allow to dry.

➡️ Seal the whole piece with Clear Wax. Allow to dry for at least 2 hours

 ➡️ Apply Black Wax into the corners and details with a small artists brush. Blend and soften the edges to create a shadow.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brenda P
Boho Brights Kit

Love this paint, great coverage and beautiful colours. I also got an oval brush (the all-rounder) and it's lovely to use too. I was concerned about whether I'd calculated how much I'd need properly but Jane's formula was spot on. I have enough paint left over to do at least one more this size and maybe a basket or two.

Karina Smith
Loved these colours and this project

Definitely happy with the end result and also the price, considering I looked at paints in Bunnings and it was a similar price for a tin of 1 colour and this had 5 colours! My only feedback would be that I think the tin of jitterbug should be bigger than the others as if you follow the guide above you are meant to paint the whole piece twice with jitterbug which isn't possible with the small tin. I was able to paint the whole thing once and considering I did some pre work that was enough. Still I am so happy with how this turned out and would definitely buy again

Robyn Lyons
Boho Brights

I used all colours in Boho Brights project to do up an old white TV cabinet. So happy with the paint application. Easy to use.!Vibrant colours!

Anastasia B.

Thank you Jane for your amazing paint! I have started/ finished some projects and absolutely LOOOVE working with your products. They are so forgiving if you get a bit carried away, but so easy to apply. The colours are spot on and look awesome applied and dried. Your waxes are beautiful and they even smell nice!. Thanks again for inspiring my inner creativity that needed firing up again. Having heaps of fun and in the future I will post some finished creations 💜💜