Stone & Marble finish using VOLTERRA

In this tutorial we are demystifying Volterra and learning how to create a faux stone or marble finish.

This is a great project to really elevate the style of an area on a budget! Polished stone and marble looks incredible in any kitchen! But, it comes with a price tag! Thankfully there are ways to recreate that classy look without breaking the bank!

Autentico Volterra is such a fantastic product! It is capable of creating such a beautiful finish. But, many people are unsure on how to actually use it. Mostly, you want to work in small areas and be really mindful of brush strokes as these will show up in your finished result.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to apply carefully with a brush and then smooth it with a trowel. As well as how to apply the Volterra with a trowel right from the start. It takes a little practice, but once you master this you will find application is much easier. 

It is worth noting too that this is a good project for a cooler day when the paint won’t dry quite as fast. You want to be able to get the Volterra on your project smoothly to avoid any of those stroke marks.

Autentico Volterra does require a mineral base so you will need to prepare your surface with Autentico Velvet or Vintage Paint first to get good adhesion. I am going to be working on a piece of ply to show you how to create this lovely, polished marble look. This can be done on larger pieces to create kitchen benches, table tops and in a whole range of other uses.

Project Materials

  • Autentico Volterra - I am using French Grey
  • Autentico Velvet or vintage to prime
  • Autentico brush with synthetic bristles
  • Trowel  
  • Paint Scraper

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