Painting Fabric With Plain Jane Paint

Painting Fabric with Plain Jane Paint

Moonflower Chair Project

If you have ever been working on restoring a piece of furniture like a chair you might have wondered how to go about revamping the fabric too! Did you know that you can actually paint fabric with Plain Jane Paint? Painting fabric is a fantastic way to restore the original fabric rather than re-upholster. Perfect for upcycling or modernising furniture as well as the perfect way to tie your existing pieces into your colour schemes and decor!

One of the most common misconceptions about painting fabric is that it will always make the fabric stiff, hard, and crackly! The good news is that Plain Jane chalk paint will leave you with a soft and supple finish that you are going to love! Think about it as dying the fabric rather than painting over the top of it.

How to paint fabric with chalk paint

Step 1: Plan your project and choose your tin of Plain Jane chalk paint. Give it a really good stir and ensure the pigments are evenly mixed through it. The trick is to water the paint down.

Step 2: Before painting fabric be sure to dampen it first so that the beautiful rich pigments sink in and basically dye the fabric. I recommend using a spray bottle and give it an even misting until the fabric is damp.

Step 3: Sand in between coats to create a smooth leathery finish. This is really important to create that beautiful, supple result. Sand gently as needed.

Step 4: Once you have finished your project and the painted fabric has dried it is time for a topcoat of Plain Jane Furniture Wax. This will seal the paint finish and help it to will remain pliable and durable.

I absolutely love this finish and I think this is one of the most fun ways to use chalk paint. Having this trick up your sleeve opens up a whole new world of possibilities. With the ability to paint fabric you can change the whole look of a piece without having to upholster. I have painted handbags and shoes as well as furniture!

The Moonflower Chair project is made really special by adding a beautiful aged Silver finish to the frame. In this video I'll show you how to create an authentic tarnished Silver finish. It's so pretty! If you try this please send me your pictures! I would be delighted to see what you create!

Grab the project pack which includes everything you need for this project HERE


Thankyou for sharing jane . I have a beautiful chair like this to do.
Hardest decision is which colour to do it in your range of colours But i have to admit this colour combination looks stunning. Your video explains it so well and easy to follow steps .
Thankyou again for sharing .

Sylvia mullan October 20, 2023

Loved watching this tutorial.
Now I’m going hunting for a chair to do this!
Absolutely stunning.

Karen DAVEY November 04, 2022

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