Distressed Walls using Autentico Venice Lime paint

Join me for this tutorial going through how to create a gorgeous distressed wall look using the Autentico Venice Lime Paint.

Venice Lime creates such a lovely distressed finish! It is absolutely perfect for a feature wall and will create a lot of depth in the room. Venice Lime is also perfect for larger areas and whole rooms too. It is a water based paint, environmentally friendly and has superb coverage.

When working with lime based paints the technique will make a dramatic difference to your finish. This is a paint that will definitely work better if you take the time to water it down as the trick here is to keep the paint wet and runny while you work with it. Due to the way heat affects the paint application ideally you want to work with Venice Lime on a cooler day or try avoid the midday heat.

You really want to take your time to prepare your area mask in well before you begin as you want to avoid cutting in when working with Venice Lime. You really want to paint right up to the edge of your work area to ensure you end up with a nice clean finish and no brush marks.

For this project remember – water is your friend! It makes such a big difference to have a bucket available to mix your paint in and thin with water. And keep that spray bottle handy for while you work. I will show you why in this tutorial!

Let me talk you through how to get the result you are after.

Project materials:

Doesn't it look wonderful?

I'd love to see your projects! Be sure to leave a comment if you try this technique and let me know how you went 


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