Ready for a fun project that you can complete in just a few hours?

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a gorgeous, aged porcelain look using a basic terracotta pot, a napkin and Autentico Craquelure. I just love how this one came out! It is so elegant! And, it looks much more expensive than it really is. I can just see these as gifts for all occasions either on their own or with a plant in them.

Craquelure is such a great product for getting creative! It is a two part system that reproduces the regular crazed pattern seen on old porcelain glaze. Perfect for antiquing, decoupage, small objects and decorative finishes. It is also water based making for an easy cleanup.

For this project I went hunting for a lovely floral print paper napkin. You could use any pattern you like though. Maybe a geometric pattern, a landscape print or wildlife. The choice is yours! You want to be able to match the pattern size and the pot size though so keep this in mind as you look for inspiration.

A decorative napkin is simply perfect for this application as you can pull it apart to just one ply giving you a perfect, flexible, light application! This is ideal for something like a pot which is not only curved but also tapered too.

To get started make sure that the pot is clean and prime it with an undercoat in a colour of your choice.  Then comes the fun part!


For this project you will need:

  • Autentico Craquelure
  • Autentico X
  • Autentico dark furniture wax
  • A paper napkin
  • Plastic wrap
  • A small paintbrush


As you will see this is not a difficult project and it can be done in just a few hours. I would love to see how your projects turn out!

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